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Do you want to paint like a professional?

Follow these simple tips, and you will be painting like a pro in no time!

Invest in the right tools

When you are painting, you need to invest in the right tools to make the painting project seamless. You will need painter’s tape, a tray, a tray liner to save your tray for multiple uses, a roller, a sleeve for the roller, a paint brush in order to cut corners (a 2.5-inch brush should do the trick) and of course, a paint colour of your choice! If you are doing a big painting project i.e., painting multiple walls, you can think about investing in a painting gun.

Preparing the area

Before you start painting, you need to prepare your walls/the area you are painting in order to have a clean finish. You need to assess the walls to see if there are imperfections such as holes from a nail, dents and scratches. If you see holes on the wall, you can use drywall paste to cover it and then sand the entire wall to smooth out the bumps and blemishes. Remove all plugs, switches and other covers, such as doorbell covers. By doing this, you save time taping and it will leave you with a seamless finish. Taping can be tedious, but it is a crucial part of painting. Tape ceiling corners, the baseboards and the doorframes. This step will save you time in the event you accidentally get paint on it. Lay an old blanket or sheet on the floor to prevent paint from dripping on your hardwood floors and tiles.


When you are ready to start painting, start by cutting the corners. This way, when you start rolling the paint on the wall, you can gauge where to stop. When painting, roll the roller on the tray a few times to remove the excess paint. Start rolling the paint upwards then downwards on wall. If you miss some areas, do not stress, you will paint multiple coats. In between each coat, sand the wall to ensure a clean and smooth finish.

Have fun painting! Tag us on your next painting job, we would love to see your work! #SpeculoConstruction #painting

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