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Ways To Protect and Prevent Bad Contractors!

The following are some items to look out for when looking for a contractor. Someone who is too available: Let’s assume you call a contractor, and they offer to come look at the job in the next hour or they want to come see the project at odd times. This is a big red flag as most good contractors are booked out a few days, if not weeks ahead. If they are available right away it is concerning because they might not have jobs lined up which can indicate that their work or working with them will not be a good experience. There is an exception to this, if it happens that the contractors are working in the same neighbourhood, they might want to come by, although this is rare. Someone who is not available enough: In any long-term relationship, communication is important. It is a red flag if you are having trouble getting a hold of a contractor even before you give them your business. Think about when the project starts, will they be reliable then? Probably not. Think about the amount of money that you saved for the security deposit for the project and then not being able to get a hold of the contractor. Or when cruical decisions about the project need to be changed and you cannot get a hold of the contractor. All these things should be considered before selecting a contractor. If they are really pushy: If for some reason, the contractor you are interested in hiring, is really pushy at the start or starts telling you what your project should look like, you should consider finding another contractor. Qualified contractors do not need to use high pressure sales tactics such as selling you products and services that they are affiliated with. A home improvement project should be your vision with the help of a professional guiding you through the process. If They Ask For The Full Payment Upfront: For any project, no matter how small or large, payment should be tied to the project milestones. For example, it could be that you put a security deposit down or pay half of the payment at the half way point of the project and the other half of the payment at the end of the project. If for whatever reason the contractor tells you that they need full payment upfront, you should run. A good contractor will only require a security deposit (this would be outlined in the contract that was signed by both parties) to secure the project.

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